Scoring Summary


2ndCarpenter singled to right, Sánchez scored.01
3rdSánchez homered to left center (414 feet), Soto scored and Machado scored.04
4thSoto singled to left, Tatis Jr. scored.05
5thRivas singled to left, Cronenworth scored, Carpenter to third.06
5thSoto singled to right, Carpenter scored and Rivas scored, Tatis Jr. to third.08
7thTatis Jr. grounded out to shortstop, Kim scored, Grisham to third.09
7thSoto doubled to center, Grisham scored.010
8thCaballero hit by pitch, Moore scored, Wong to second, Ford to third.110
8thRodríguez reached on infield single to second, Ford scored, Caballero to second, Wong to third.210
8thFrance grounded into double play, first to shortstop to pitcher, Wong scored, Rodríguez out at second, Caballero to third.310
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