Scoring Summary


1stFranco homered to center (417 feet).01
1stJ. Lowe doubled to left, Arozarena scored.02
2ndFranco singled to center, Bruján scored, Díaz to third.03
2ndRaley singled to right, Díaz scored, Franco to third.04
3rdWaters homered to center (415 feet).14
3rdPratto grounded out to third, Lopez scored, Fermin to third.24
3rdWitt Jr. hit sacrifice fly to center, Fermin scored.34
4thFermin homered to left (372 feet), Olivares scored and Waters scored.64
4thWitt Jr. doubled to left, Pratto scored.74
6thPratto grounded out to second, Olivares scored, Fermin to second, Lopez to third.84
8thOlivares homered to left (383 feet).94
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