Scoring Summary


3rdRamírez homered to left (387 feet), Bo Naylor scored, Kwan scored and Rosario scored.40
5thBell homered to right center (464 feet), Ramírez scored.60
6thBo Naylor homered to center (417 feet), Straw scored.80
6thRosario tripled to right, Kwan scored.90
6thJ. Naylor doubled to right, Rosario scored, Ramírez to third.100
6thBell doubled to left, J. Naylor scored and Ramírez scored.120
6thBrennan grounded out to first, Bell scored.130
7thRamírez doubled to right, Bo Naylor scored.140
7thFermin singled to left, Waters scored, S. Taylor to third.141
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