Scoring Summary


2ndCastro singled to right, Jones scored.01
3rdCron singled to left, Tovar scored, McMahon to second.02
3rdGrichuk singled to center, Cron scored and McMahon scored, Jones to third.04
4thDeluca walked, Smith scored, Rojas to second, Vargas to third.14
4thHernández singled to center, Rojas scored and Vargas scored, Deluca to second.34
4thBetts homered to left (404 feet), Deluca scored and Hernández scored.64
6thProfar walked, Grichuk scored, Doyle to second, Alfaro to third.65
6thTovar doubled to center, Alfaro scored, Profar scored and Doyle scored.68
6thDíaz singled to center, Tovar scored, Díaz safe at second on fielding error by second baseman Vargas.69
8thHernández hit sacrifice fly to left, Heyward scored.79
8thFreeman singled to center, Peralta scored, Betts to third.89
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