Scoring Summary


1stMartinez singled to center, Betts scored, Freeman to second.10
1stDíaz hit sacrifice fly to center, Tovar scored.11
3rdMartinez singled to center, Betts scored.21
3rdDíaz singled to left, Profar scored and Tovar scored.23
4thBetts hit sacrifice fly to center, Heyward scored, Vargas to third.33
4thFreeman singled to center, Vargas scored, Outman to third.43
4thMuncy doubled to right, Freeman scored and Outman scored.63
4thMartinez homered to right (394 feet), Muncy scored.83
5thFreeman singled to right, Heyward scored and Outman scored, Betts to second.103
5thMuncy singled to right, Betts scored, Freeman to second.113
6thVargas tripled to center, Peralta scored.123
7thDeluca singled to center, Hernández scored, Martinez to third.133
7thHeyward reached on infield single to shortstop, Martinez scored, Deluca to second.143
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