Scoring Summary


1stBetts homered to left (422 feet).10
3rdBetts homered to left (402 feet).20
3rdWitt Jr. grounded out to first, Waters scored.21
4thHeyward doubled to center, Peralta scored.31
4thBetts singled to center, Heyward scored, Outman to second.41
4thPratto doubled to right, Garcia scored.42
5thMartinez hit sacrifice fly to center, Smith scored.52
6thFermin singled to left, Garcia scored, Pratto to second.53
7thHeyward singled to left, Martinez scored, Peralta thrown out at third.63
8thBetts doubled to center, Rojas scored.73
8thFreeman doubled to left, Betts scored.83
8thPeralta hit sacrifice fly to left, Freeman scored.93
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