Scoring Summary


3rdYelich doubled to right, Wiemer scored, Tapia to third.10
3rdContreras grounded into fielder's choice to third, Tapia scored.20
3rdTellez singled to center, Yelich scored, Contreras to third.30
3rdAdames hit sacrifice fly to center, Contreras scored.40
4thMcCutchen homered to left (364 feet).41
4thGonzales doubled to right, Suwinski scored and Davis scored.43
7thMiller doubled to left, Yelich scored, Contreras to third.53
7thTurang doubled to right, Contreras scored and Miller scored.73
7thMcCutchen singled to left, Marcano scored, Palacios to second.74
8thSuwinski singled to right, Santana scored.75
9thMcCutchen doubled to center, Bae scored.76
9thSantana homered to right (431 feet), McCutchen scored.78
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