Scoring Summary


1stTellez hit sacrifice fly to left, Yelich scored.10
2ndPerkins grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Anderson scored, Turang out at second.20
2ndYelich homered to right (422 feet), Perkins scored and Tapia scored.50
2ndTellez grounded out to second, Winker scored.60
6thWinker doubled to center, Perkins scored, Yelich scored and Tapia scored.90
6thCaratini singled to center, Winker scored.100
6thSuwinski singled to right, Bae scored and Triolo scored, McCutchen to third.102
7thTapia homered to right (368 feet).112
8thPalacios singled to center, Delay scored.113
8thSuwinski homered to center (420 feet), Palacios scored.115
8thMarcano tripled to left, Joe scored and Davis scored.117
8thTriolo doubled to right, Marcano scored.118
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