Scoring Summary


1stTorres homered to left center (436 feet), Rizzo scored.02
4thKiner-Falefa hit sacrifice fly to right, Bauers scored, Bader to third.03
5thHicks homered to right center (372 feet).13
5thFrazier homered to right center (378 feet), Westburg scored.33
5thStanton singled to center, Torres scored.34
7thTrevino homered to right (346 feet).35
7thBader doubled to right, Torres scored and Stanton scored, LeMahieu to third.37
8thRizzo grounded into fielder's choice to first, Kiner-Falefa scored, Trevino out at second.38
9thMcCann grounded out to third, Westburg scored.48
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