Scoring Summary


1stDevers homered to left center (381 feet).10
5thRefsnyder singled to left, Wong scored, Chang to second.20
5thYoshida homered to right (381 feet), Chang scored, Refsnyder scored and Turner scored.60
7thYoshida tripled to center, Devers scored and Duvall scored.80
7thYoshida scored on Rucker wild pitch.90
8thCasas homered to center (419 feet), Refsnyder scored.110
8thHoerner walked, Mancini scored, Tauchman to second, Mastrobuoni to third.111
8thMorel reached on infield single to first, Mastrobuoni scored, Hoerner to second, Tauchman to third.112
8thWisdom hit sacrifice fly to center, Tauchman scored.113
9thTauchman singled to center, Mancini scored.114
9thHoerner tripled to right, Tauchman scored.115
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