Scoring Summary


3rdHoerner reached on infield single to shortstop, Morel scored, Wisdom to second, Amaya to third.01
3rdSuzuki grounded into fielder's choice to third, Amaya scored on throwing error by third baseman Devers, Hoerner advanced to second on error, Wisdom out at third.02
3rdBellinger homered to center (414 feet), Hoerner scored, Suzuki scored and Happ scored.06
4thVerdugo grounded out to shortstop, Turner scored.16
4thWisdom homered to center (415 feet), Amaya scored.18
7thCasas homered to right center (425 feet), Devers scored.38
7thMorel singled to left, Bellinger scored, Mancini to second.39
7thAmaya singled to center, Mancini scored, Morel to third.310
8thTurner grounded out to third, Hernández scored, Duran to third.410
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