Scoring Summary


2ndReynolds reached on infield single to shortstop, Triolo scored, Joe to second, Delay to third.01
3rdDavis singled to right, Wade Jr. scored on fielding error by right fielder Davis, Wisely scored, Pederson to second.21
3rdMatos grounded out to second, Pederson scored, Yastrzemski to second, Davis to third.31
6thTriolo grounded out to shortstop, Davis scored.32
8thTriolo hit sacrifice fly to right, McCutchen scored, Palacios to third.33
10thPederson hit sacrifice fly to center, Schmitt scored.43
10thConforto doubled to right, Davis scored and Flores scored.63
10thBailey doubled to center, Yastrzemski scored and Conforto scored.83
10thDavis reached on infield single to second, McCutchen scored.84
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