Scoring Summary


3rdAcuña Jr. homered to center (420 feet), Arcia scored and Harris II scored.03
4thRenfroe singled to left, Cron scored, Grichuk to third.13
4thHarris II singled to left, Rosario scored and Arcia scored.15
4thAlbies hit sacrifice fly to center, Harris II scored, Acuña Jr. to second.16
4thRiley homered to left center (426 feet), Acuña Jr. scored.18
4thOlson homered to right (374 feet).19
6thRenfroe grounded into fielder's choice to first, Rengifo scored, Cron out at second, Ohtani to third.29
6thEscobar tripled to center, Ohtani scored and Renfroe scored.49
6thd'Arnaud singled to left, Acuña Jr. scored and Harris II scored, Olson to second.411
8thAlbies doubled to right, Acuña Jr. scored.412
9thNeto hit a ground rule double, Escobar scored.512
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