Scoring Summary


3rdChapman doubled to left, Belt scored and Springer scored.20
3rdBiggio doubled to center, Chapman scored.30
3rdKiermaier singled to left, Biggio scored, Kirk to second.40
4thSchneider homered to left center (425 feet), Merrifield scored.60
4thCasas homered to right center (414 feet).61
5thKiermaier singled to center, Biggio scored, Kirk to second.71
5thMerrifield grounded out to shortstop, Kirk scored, DeJong to second, Kiermaier to third.81
5thSchneider hit by pitch, Kiermaier scored, Belt to second, DeJong to third.91
5thSpringer hit sacrifice fly to left, DeJong scored.101
5thChapman singled to right, Belt scored, Schneider to third.111
7thSchneider singled to left, Belt scored.121
8thVarsho tripled to right, Kirk scored.131
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