Scoring Summary


1stOhtani singled to center, Rengifo scored.01
1stMoustakas singled to right, Ohtani scored, Drury to second.02
1stRenfroe doubled to center, Moustakas scored on error and Drury scored, Renfroe safe at third on throwing error by second baseman Estrada.04
3rdPederson reached on infield single to third, Crawford scored, Wade Jr. to second, Matos to third.14
3rdFlores singled to center, Matos scored and Wade Jr. scored, Pederson to second.34
5thDrury homered to right center (370 feet).35
7thMoustakas hit sacrifice fly to right, Drury scored.36
8thFlores homered to left center (409 feet), Bailey scored.56
8thThaiss hit sacrifice fly to center, Renfroe scored, Moniak to third.57
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