Scoring Summary


1stSeager homered to center (403 feet).10
1stBailey singled to left, Flores scored, Bailey to second.11
4thGarver singled to center, Lowe scored, García to second.21
4thDuran hit sacrifice fly to center, García scored.31
4thTaveras singled to right, Garver scored, J. Smith to second, Martinez to third.41
4thConforto homered to right (365 feet).42
5thMartinez hit sacrifice fly to center, Seager scored.52
5thDuran singled to left, García scored, Garver to second.62
9thSeager singled to right, Semien scored.72
9thGarver singled to right, Seager scored and Lowe scored.92
9thRamos homered to center (423 feet).93
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