Scoring Summary


1stBader grounded out to shortstop, Kiner-Falefa scored, Stanton to second, Judge to third.10
1stRiley homered to right (369 feet).11
2ndKiner-Falefa singled to right, Cabrera scored, Kiner-Falefa out stretching at second.21
2ndLopez singled to left, Ozuna scored and Rosario scored.23
2ndHarris II singled to left, Lopez scored, Acuña Jr. to second.24
3rdRosario singled to right, d'Arnaud scored and Ozuna scored, Rosario to second.26
3rdArcia singled to center, Rosario scored, Arcia to second.27
3rdLopez singled to right, Arcia scored.28
6thRiley scored on Abreu wild pitch, Ozuna to second on wild pitch by Abreu, Olson to third on wild pitch by Abreu.29
8thRosario homered to right (382 feet), Ozuna scored.211
9thVolpe tripled to center, McKinney scored.311
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