Scoring Summary


1stDavis singled to right, Slater scored.01
2ndSchmitt homered to left center (426 feet).02
5thd'Arnaud singled to right, Ozuna scored and Rosario scored.22
5thLopez singled to left, d'Arnaud scored, Lopez to second, Arcia to third.32
5thDavis walked, Matos scored, Flores to second, Slater to third.33
5thBailey doubled to right, Davis scored, Slater scored and Flores scored.36
6thOzuna homered to left center (378 feet), Olson scored.56
6thSlater singled to center, Meckler scored, Pederson to third.57
6thEstrada reached on bunt single to pitcher, Pederson scored, Slater to second.58
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