Scoring Summary


1stMuncy grounded into fielder's choice to second, Betts scored, Freeman out at second.01
2ndLopez walked, Ozuna scored, Arcia to second, Murphy to third.11
2ndAcuña Jr. homered to left center (429 feet), Murphy scored, Arcia scored and Lopez scored.51
2ndRiley homered to center (407 feet).61
5thHarris II homered to center (421 feet).71
5thBetts homered to right (367 feet), Heyward scored and Outman scored.74
6thHarris II singled to center, Lopez scored, Acuña Jr. to third.84
7thBusch homered to right (356 feet).85
7thBetts homered to left (371 feet).86
8thMuncy homered to right (386 feet).87
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