Scoring Summary


1stRodgers singled to right, Tovar scored, McMahon to second.10
1stJones tripled to center, McMahon scored and Rodgers scored.30
1stGoodman singled to right, Jones scored.40
1stWalker singled to center, Pham scored.41
3rdDoyle singled to left, Montero scored, Goodman to second.51
3rdPham doubled to center, Carroll scored and Perdomo scored.53
3rdThomas homered to right (395 feet), Pham scored and Walker scored.56
4thPham walked, Perdomo scored, Marte to second, Carroll to third.57
4thThomas singled to left, Carroll scored and Marte scored, Pham to second.59
5thPerdomo singled to center, Herrera scored.510
6thGurriel Jr. singled to center, Pham scored, Thomas to second, Walker to third.511
8thGurriel Jr. homered to left (376 feet).512
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