Scoring Summary


3rdAlvarez homered to right center (407 feet).01
4thCampusano singled to center, Soto scored.11
4thProfar homered to right (368 feet), Campusano scored.31
4thGrisham doubled to right, Batten scored.41
4thDubón grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, J. Abreu scored, Brantley out at second.42
5thAlvarez hit a ground rule double, Altuve scored, Peña to third.43
5thTucker hit a ground rule double, Alvarez scored and Peña scored.45
5thJ. Abreu singled to center, Tucker scored.46
5thMaldonado singled to left, J. Abreu scored, Dubón to second, Brantley to third.47
6thBatten singled to right, Campusano scored, Profar to second.57
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