Scoring Summary


2ndGiménez homered to right center (389 feet), Laureano scored.02
4thJ. Naylor singled to left, Arias scored, Ramírez to second.03
5thLaureano homered to left (397 feet).04
6thRamírez doubled to center, Bo Naylor scored.05
6thJ. Naylor doubled to left, Ramírez scored.06
6thGiménez singled to right, J. Naylor scored, Laureano to third.07
6thBrennan doubled to left, Giménez scored and Laureano scored.09
7thJ. Naylor singled to right, Kwan scored.010
7thCalhoun homered to right center (408 feet), Fry scored.012
9thHuff homered to center (429 feet).112
9thHedges singled to left, Garver scored and Ornelas scored, Grossman to second.312
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