Scoring Summary


2ndJ. Smith doubled to right, Taveras scored.10
4thRamírez homered to left (431 feet).11
4thGiménez singled to left, J. Naylor scored, Laureano to third.12
4thFreeman singled to center, Laureano scored, Giménez to second.13
4thArias singled to center, Freeman scored and Giménez scored, Brennan to second.15
4thKwan singled to center, Brennan scored, Arias to third.16
4thRamírez grounded out to pitcher, Arias scored, Kwan to second.17
4thGiménez doubled to left, Kwan scored and J. Naylor scored, Laureano to third.19
9thDuran doubled to left, Carter scored.29
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