Scoring Summary


3rdAlbies doubled to right, Acuña Jr. scored.10
3rdRiley singled to center, Albies scored.20
3rdOzuna grounded out to second, Riley scored, Olson to second.30
3rdHarris II doubled to left, Olson scored.40
3rdd'Arnaud singled to center, Harris II scored.50
3rdCall homered to left (364 feet).51
5thArcia singled to left, Harris II scored, d'Arnaud to second.61
7thAlbies singled to left, Rosario scored, Arcia to second.71
8thOlson homered to left (371 feet).81
9thAlbies homered to right center (388 feet), Arcia scored.101
9thMillas singled to center, Kieboom scored, L. García to third.102
9thYoung reached on infield single to shortstop, L. García scored, Call to second, Millas to third.103
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