Scoring Summary


3rdAndujar doubled to center, Joe scored and Suwinski scored.20
5thAndujar singled to left, Hayes scored, Suwinski to second.30
7thSwanson singled to left, Happ scored.31
8thBae tripled to right, Triolo scored.41
8thJoe singled to center, Bae scored, Joe out stretching at second.51
8thTauchman doubled to center, Gomes scored, Mastrobuoni to third.52
8thMastrobuoni scored, Tauchman to third on wild pitch by Holderman.53
8thHoerner grounded out to shortstop, Tauchman scored.54
9thPalacios homered to right center (384 feet), Hayes scored and Suwinski scored.84
9thSwanson homered to center (418 feet), Bellinger scored.86
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