Scoring Summary


1stEncarnacion-Strand homered to right (385 feet), Senzel scored.02
1stStephenson homered to left center (395 feet).03
2ndFriedl homered to right (121 feet).04
2ndSenzel grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, De La Cruz scored, India out at second.05
2ndEncarnacion-Strand singled to right, Senzel scored, Steer to third.06
2ndStephenson doubled to center, Encarnacion-Strand scored and Steer scored.08
3rdSteer doubled to left, Fairchild scored, India to third.09
4thRivas singled to left, Suwinski scored, Triolo to second.19
6thBae singled to right, Triolo scored, Rodríguez to third.29
6thPalacios singled to right, Rodríguez scored, Bae to third.39
6thReynolds homered to right (350 feet), Bae scored and Palacios scored.69
7thRivas doubled to right, Rodríguez scored, Suwinski scored and Triolo scored.99
8thSuwinski singled to right, Reynolds scored, Hayes to second.109
8thRivas singled to center, Suwinski scored, Triolo to third.119
8thBae doubled to center, Rivas scored and Triolo scored.139
8thMartini grounded into fielder's choice to second, De La Cruz scored, India out at second.1310
8thEncarnacion-Strand singled to center, Martini scored, Steer to second.1311
9thFraley grounded out to second, Votto scored, Friedl to third.1312
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