Scoring Summary


1stSemien homered to left center (433 feet).01
2ndHernández homered to left center (426 feet).11
3rdCrawford homered to right center (372 feet).21
3rdSeager homered to right (359 feet), Taveras scored.23
4thGarcía homered to left center (448 feet).24
4thTaveras homered to center (403 feet), Garver scored.26
4thSemien homered to center (411 feet).27
6thKelenic grounded into fielder's choice to second, Rodríguez scored, Hernández out at second, Raleigh to third.37
6thSuárez hit sacrifice fly to center, Raleigh scored.47
6thHaggerty tripled to left, Kelenic scored.57
6thCarter homered to right center (421 feet), Garver scored.59
7thHernández singled to center, Rodríguez scored, Raleigh to second.69
7thKelenic singled to left, Raleigh scored, Hernández to third.79
7thSuárez singled to left, Hernández scored, Kelenic to second.89
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