Scoring Summary


2ndBo Naylor homered to right (375 feet), Giménez scored and Brennan scored.03
3rdMaile homered to left (358 feet).13
3rdSteer tripled to right, Friedl scored.23
3rdEncarnacion-Strand homered to left (405 feet), Steer scored.43
3rdCalhoun homered to right center (396 feet), Ramírez scored.45
3rdGiménez homered to right (419 feet).46
4thDe La Cruz homered to center (420 feet).56
4thJ. Naylor singled to left, Bo Naylor scored, Ramírez to second, Straw to third.57
5thDe La Cruz singled to center, Encarnacion-Strand scored, De La Cruz to second, Votto to third.67
5thMaile singled to left, Votto scored and De La Cruz scored.87
6thFriedl homered to right (367 feet).97
9thDe La Cruz homered to right center (467 feet), Marte scored.117
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