Scoring Summary


1stFarmer singled to right, Luplow scored, Jeffers to third.10
2ndTaylor homered to left (468 feet), Kepler scored.30
2ndMontero homered to center (449 feet).31
3rdFarmer grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Luplow scored, Jeffers out at second.41
3rdJones singled to center, Blackmon scored.42
4thTrejo homered to left (403 feet), Díaz scored and Bouchard scored.45
5thRodgers homered to center (454 feet).46
7thLarnach homered to center (442 feet).56
7thJeffers homered to left (465 feet).66
9thKepler hit sacrifice fly to center, Stevenson scored.76
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