Scoring Summary


2ndWallner doubled to left, Solano scored.10
2ndVázquez singled to center, Wallner scored.20
3rdLarnach homered to right (386 feet), Kirilloff scored, Solano scored and Wallner scored.60
6thJulien doubled to right, Vázquez scored, Taylor to third.70
6thTaylor scored on T. Doyle wild pitch, Julien to third on wild pitch by T. Doyle.80
6thKepler homered to left (390 feet), Julien scored and Castro scored.110
7thWallner homered to center (432 feet).120
7thJulien homered to center (452 feet), Taylor scored.140
7thMontero homered to left (370 feet).141
7thBouchard homered to left center (399 feet).142
7thB. Doyle homered to left center (451 feet), Trejo scored.144
8thB. Doyle singled to left, Montero scored, Trejo to second, Bouchard to third.145
8thBouchard scored on Keuchel wild pitch, B. Doyle to second, Trejo to third.146
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