Scoring Summary


1stMorel homered to left (431 feet).10
1stGomes homered to center (408 feet), Suzuki scored, Bellinger scored and Swanson scored.50
1stWisdom homered to center (394 feet).60
1stAdames doubled to center, Canha scored and Contreras scored, Santana to third.62
1stTaylor grounded out to third, Santana scored.63
2ndPerkins homered to left center (422 feet), Monasterio scored.65
2ndSantana homered to left center (428 feet).66
4thHapp singled to left, Morel scored, Suzuki to second.76
4thBellinger doubled to right, Suzuki scored, Happ to third.86
5thCanario tripled to right, Candelario scored.96
6thGomes grounded out to first, Happ scored, Swanson to second, Bellinger to third.106
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