Scoring Summary


1stParedes singled to center, Arozarena scored, H. Ramírez to second.10
3rdJ. Lowe doubled to right, H. Ramírez scored, Paredes to third.20
3rdVarsho homered to right (395 feet).21
4thVarsho singled to center, Kiermaier scored and Kirk scored, Merrifield to third.23
4thSpringer singled to right, Merrifield scored, Varsho to second.24
5thH. Ramírez homered to left center (395 feet), Arozarena scored.44
10thWalls singled to right, Basabe scored and J. Lowe scored, Tapia to third.64
10thCaminero reached on infield single to third, Tapia scored, Walls to second.74
10thBichette doubled to left, Biggio scored.75
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