Scoring Summary


1stAranda singled to right, Ramírez scored, Paredes to third.10
2ndCaminero singled to left, Tapia scored, Pinto to third.20
2ndJ. Lowe doubled to right, Pinto scored, Caminero to third.30
2ndCaminero scored on Parsons wild pitch, J. Lowe to third on wild pitch by Parsons.40
2ndAranda homered to right (357 feet), J. Lowe scored, Ramírez scored and Paredes scored.80
2ndHeineman tripled to right, Schneider scored and Biggio scored.82
2ndHeineman scored on Lopez wild pitch.83
4thMargot homered to left (358 feet).93
5thCaminero homered to right center (379 feet).103
6thAranda doubled to right, Paredes scored.113
6thBiggio singled to right, Schneider scored.114
6thVarsho singled to right, Biggio scored, Espinal to third.115
6thHeineman reached on infield single to third, Espinal scored, Varsho to second.116
7thRamírez doubled to right, Basabe scored.126
7thBichette scored on error, Varsho safe at first on fielding error by center fielder Margot, Biggio safe at third on error.127
8thBelt homered to right center (388 feet).128
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