Scoring Summary


1stHeyward grounded out to first, Peralta scored, W. Smith to third.10
1stCh. Taylor singled to left, W. Smith scored.20
1stOutman doubled to center, Ch. Taylor scored.30
1stSmith singled to left, Longoria scored and Rojas scored, Lewis to second.32
1stMoreno singled to center, Lewis scored, Smith to second.33
1stAhmed homered to left (418 feet), Smith scored and Moreno scored.36
1stCanzone homered to center (422 feet).37
1stLongoria singled to left, Rojas scored.38
1stLewis homered to center (420 feet), Longoria scored.310
5thFreeman grounded out to first, Mann scored, Avans to third.410
7thMoreno homered to right (370 feet).411
8thDuggar singled to center, Freeland scored, Ramos to third.511