Scoring Summary


3rdGomes homered to left center, Wisdom scored.20
3rdC. Morel doubled to left, Tauchman scored.30
3rdMcKinstry doubled to left, C. Morel scored.40
3rdMcKinstry scored on error, Madrigal safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Placencia, Madrigal to second, Murray Jr. safe at third on error.50
3rdT. Jones singled to left, Rengifo scored, Cabbage to second.51
4thAdams doubled to left, Placencia scored.52
5thMastrobuoni scored on Estévez wild pitch.62
6thWisdom homered to left center.72
6thStewart doubled to right, Jackson scored.73
7thGregorio tripled to right, Palmeiro scored.74
8thStewart scored on error, O. Martinez safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Huma.75
9thMulrine doubled to left, Gobbel scored.76
9thGregorio tripled to right, Mulrine scored.77
9thJackson singled to right, Gregorio scored, Kasser to second, Calabrese to third.78