Scoring Summary


1stTrout homered to center (402 feet).10
1stSantander grounded into fielder's choice to third, Henderson scored, Mountcastle out at second, Rutschman to third.11
1stWestburg singled to center, Rutschman scored, Santander to third.12
2ndRutschman singled to center, Urías scored and Mateo scored.14
2ndSantander hit sacrifice fly to center, Rutschman scored.15
4thSantander homered to left center (431 feet), Rutschman scored.17
6thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to right, Mateo scored.18
7thMullins homered to center (403 feet), Hays scored and O'Hearn scored.111
8thNeto grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Rengifo scored on error and Schanuel scored on throwing error by second baseman Mateo, O'Hoppe out at second.311
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