Scoring Summary


1stHenderson homered to center (419 feet).01
1stMountcastle doubled to left, Rutschman scored.02
3rdMountcastle doubled to left, Santander scored.03
4thWard homered to center (419 feet).13
6thHays singled to left, Mountcastle scored, O'Hearn to second.14
6thMullins doubled to right, O'Hearn scored, Hays to third.15
6thWestburg singled to center, Hays scored and Mullins scored.17
6thHenderson tripled to center, Westburg scored and Urías scored.19
6thSantander homered to right center (359 feet), Henderson scored and Rutschman scored.112
8thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to center, McCann scored, Cowser to third.113
9thWard singled to right, Adell scored.213
9thWard scored on error, Schanuel safe at first on error by pitcher Baumann, Drury safe at third on error.313
9thO'Hoppe singled to left, Drury scored, Schanuel to second.413
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