Scoring Summary


2ndGiménez tripled to center, Freeman scored.10
2ndArias reached on infield single to second, Giménez scored.20
2ndAllen grounded into fielder's choice to second, Davis scored, Butler out at second, McCann to third.21
2ndNoda singled to left, McCann scored, Allen thrown out at third.22
3rdMcCann walked, Gelof scored, Brown to second, Rooker to third.23
4thArias singled to left, Giménez scored.33
4thHedges hit sacrifice fly to left, Arias scored.43
4thKwan singled to right, Rocchio scored.53
5thFry scored, Arias safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Allen.63
5thHedges doubled to left, Arias scored.73
6thFry hit sacrifice fly to center, Kwan scored.83
6thFreeman singled to left, Ramírez scored, Brennan to second.93
7thKwan homered to right center (424 feet).103
9thRamírez singled to center, Rocchio scored, Kwan to third.113
9thFry singled to center, Kwan scored, Ramírez to third.123
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