Scoring Summary


3rdOlivares singled to left, Joe scored, Hayes to second.10
4thJoe doubled to left, Taylor scored.20
4thHayes singled to left, Joe scored, Reynolds to second.30
4thBurger doubled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored.31
4thJ. Sánchez singled to left, Burger scored.32
5thTaylor grounded into fielder's choice to first, Cruz scored and Triolo scored on throwing error by first baseman Bell, Taylor second.52
6thJ. Sánchez singled to right, De La Cruz scored, Burger to second.53
7thSuwinski singled to right, Cruz scored, Taylor to third.63
7thJoe doubled to right, Taylor scored, Suwinski to third.73
7thReynolds hit a ground rule double, Joe scored and Suwinski scored.93
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