Scoring Summary


1stBurger singled to left, Arraez scored, Bell to second.01
1stChisholm Jr. homered to right center (424 feet), Bell scored, Burger scored and De La Cruz scored.05
2ndWilliams tripled to left, Suwinski scored and Triolo scored.25
2ndReynolds reached on infield single to third, Williams scored, Joe to second, Delay to third.35
4thHayes singled to center, Joe scored, Hayes to second, Reynolds to third.45
4thGarcía homered to center (421 feet).46
7thTellez homered to center (425 feet), Hayes scored and Olivares scored.76
9thGordon homered to right center (407 feet).77
10thDelay sacrificed, Cruz scored, Williams to second.87
10thTaylor walked, Williams scored, Hayes to second, Delay to third.97
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