Scoring Summary


1stHarper homered to center (420 feet).01
3rdBenson doubled to right, Stephenson scored.11
4thHarper homered to right (367 feet).12
6thTurner scored on error, Stott safe at first on throwing error by shortstop De La Cruz.13
7thSchwarber singled to right, Marsh scored, Rojas to third.14
7thHarper homered to right center (422 feet), Rojas scored, Schwarber scored and Turner scored.18
8thStephenson scored on error, India safe at first on throwing error by third baseman Bohm, India safe at second on error.28
8thMarsh homered to left (356 feet).29
9thSteer reached on infield single to pitcher, Fraley scored, De La Cruz to third.39
9thMartini hit sacrifice fly to center, De La Cruz scored.49
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