Scoring Summary


1stBregman singled to center, Alvarez scored, Tucker to second.10
1stPeña grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Tucker scored, McCormick out at second, Bregman to third.20
1stLangford singled to center, Semien scored, Seager to second.21
1stCarter walked, Seager scored, García to second, Langford to third.22
1stSmith hit by pitch, Langford scored, Carter to second, García to third.23
1stWalsh singled to left, Carter scored and García scored, Smith to second.25
2ndAlvarez homered to right (431 feet), Caratini scored.45
4thAlvarez doubled to right, J. Abreu scored, Altuve to third.55
4thTucker singled to center, Altuve scored and Alvarez scored.75
5thCaratini homered to right center (395 feet), J. Abreu scored and Dubón scored.105
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