Scoring Summary


1stBiggio singled to center, Bichette scored, Turner to third.01
2ndRodgers doubled to right, Díaz scored, Montero to third.11
2ndVarsho homered to right (370 feet).12
3rdMcMahon doubled to right, Tovar scored.22
3rdDíaz singled to center, McMahon scored, Díaz to second.32
3rdJones doubled to right, Díaz scored.42
4thBryant doubled to left, McMahon scored and Doyle scored.62
5thJones homered to right (414 feet).72
6thTovar homered to left (390 feet).82
7thDoyle doubled to left, Rodgers scored, Toglia to third.92
7thTovar hit sacrifice fly to left, Toglia scored.102
9thCave hit sacrifice fly to center, Rodgers scored.112
9thMcMahon doubled to left, Doyle scored.122
9thKiner-Falefa homered to left center (399 feet).123
9thSchneider scored on throwing error by catcher Díaz.124
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