Scoring Summary


2ndAlexander grounded into fielder's choice to third, Pederson scored, Suárez out at second.01
3rdAmaya doubled to left, Happ scored.11
3rdGurriel Jr. homered to left (381 feet), Marte scored.13
3rdPederson homered to right (412 feet).14
5thAmaya tripled to left, Happ scored.24
5thCanario doubled to left, Amaya scored.34
5thHoerner doubled to left, Canario scored.44
5thBellinger tripled to right, Hoerner scored.54
5thMarte scored on Little wild pitch, Walker to second, Gurriel Jr. to third.55
5thPederson walked, Gurriel Jr. scored on Little wild pitch, Walker to third.56
5thSuárez hit sacrifice fly to right, Walker scored.57
5thAlexander singled to right, Pederson scored.58
7thMorel hit sacrifice fly to right, Tauchman scored, Hoerner to third.68
7thCooper singled to center, Hoerner scored, Swanson to third.78
7thHapp homered to left (348 feet), Swanson scored, Cooper scored and Busch scored.118
7thAlexander doubled to center, Suárez scored.119
8thPederson hit sacrifice fly to center, Carroll scored.1110
9thMarte homered to right center (410 feet).1111
10thGrichuk doubled to center, Walker scored.1112
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