Scoring Summary


2ndMcCann doubled to right, Cowser scored.01
2ndHenderson homered to right (373 feet), McCann scored.03
3rdCowser grounded out to shortstop, O'Hearn scored, Mullins to third.04
3rdWestburg homered to left center (404 feet), Mullins scored.06
3rdHenderson singled to left, Holliday scored, Henderson to second, McCann to third.07
4thBuxton tripled to left, Kirilloff scored.17
4thCowser singled to center, Santander scored.18
6thKirilloff singled to right, Jeffers scored.28
6thSantander singled to left, Rutschman scored.29
8thO'Hearn homered to center (395 feet), Rutschman scored.211
9thMiranda singled to center, Camargo scored, Larnach to second.311
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