Scoring Summary


1stGreene doubled to left, Ibáñez scored, Canha to third.01
1stTorkelson grounded out to third, Canha scored.02
2ndPérez homered to right center (378 feet).03
3rdCanha doubled to right, Ibáñez scored.04
5thDonovan homered to right (393 feet), Siani scored.24
5thBurleson homered to left center (374 feet), Arenado scored and Goldschmidt scored.54
5thRogers grounded out to shortstop, Canha scored, Torkelson to third.55
5thPérez homered to right (385 feet), Torkelson scored.57
7thBurleson singled to left, Nootbaar scored, Goldschmidt to second.67
7thGreene homered to right (386 feet).68
7thRogers doubled to left, Torkelson scored.69
7thMeadows walked, Rogers scored, Báez to second, Pérez to third.610
7thCarpenter hit sacrifice fly to left, Pérez scored.611
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