Scoring Summary


2ndStubbs reached on bunt single to second, Stott scored, Sosa to third.10
2ndMartinez doubled to left, Alonso scored.11
2ndNido singled to center, Martinez scored, Bader to third.12
3rdMartinez walked, Marte scored, Alonso to second, Lindor to third.13
7thRojas grounded out to shortstop, Sosa scored, Marsh to third.23
7thTaylor reached on infield single to shortstop, Alonso scored, Martinez to second.24
9thStott homered to right center (387 feet).34
9thBohm hit by pitch, Clemens scored, Merrifield to second, Marsh to third.44
10thStott hit sacrifice fly to right, Harper scored.54
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