Scoring Summary


1stVientos doubled to left, Lindor scored, Martinez to third.10
1stHarper homered to left (386 feet).11
3rdAlonso scored on Suárez wild pitch, Lindor stole second.21
5thSchwarber walked, Sosa scored, Rojas to second, Pache to third.22
5thRealmuto singled to right, Pache scored, Schwarber to second, Rojas to third.23
5thHarper doubled to center, Rojas scored and Schwarber scored, Realmuto thrown out at home.25
6thPache grounded out to third, Stott scored, Sosa to second.26
6thSchwarber reached on infield single to second, Sosa scored on throwing error by second baseman McNeil.27
7thSosa grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Harper scored, Stott safe at second on fielding error by shortstop Lindor, Bohm to third.28
7thPache hit sacrifice fly to center, Bohm scored, Sosa to second, Stott to third.29
7thRojas reached on infield single to third, Stott scored, Sosa to third.210
8thMartinez homered to left center (403 feet).310
8thMcNeil doubled to right, Vientos scored.410
8thNido singled to center, McNeil scored.510
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