Scoring Summary


2ndFarmer reached on infield single to shortstop, Castro scored.10
2ndL. García Jr. homered to right (378 feet), Meneses scored.12
4thWinker homered to center (403 feet).13
5thYoung singled to center, Gallo scored and Ruiz scored.15
5thMeneses singled to center, Young scored, Winker to second.16
5thL. García Jr. singled to center, Winker scored, Meneses to second.17
6thCorrea homered to left center (428 feet), Jeffers scored.37
6thRosario singled to right, Ruiz scored, Young to third.38
6thYoung scored on throwing error by catcher Vázquez and Rosario stole home.310
8thRosario singled to right, Gallo scored and Abrams scored.312
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