Scoring Summary


2ndBáez doubled to left, Pérez scored and Torkelson scored.02
2ndIbáñez singled to left, Báez scored and Rogers scored, Ibáñez to second.04
3rdTorkelson homered to left (405 feet).05
4thBiggio homered to right center (402 feet), Clement scored.25
5thTurner grounded out to shortstop, Guerrero Jr. scored.35
5thKelly homered to left (360 feet), Canha scored and Urshela scored.38
6thSchneider hit sacrifice fly to left, Kiner-Falefa scored.48
6thGuerrero Jr. singled to center, Biggio scored, Jansen to second.58
6thVierling homered to left (363 feet).59
7thKiner-Falefa homered to left center (373 feet).69
8thBichette singled to center, Schneider scored and Jansen scored.89
8thVarsho homered to right (379 feet), Bichette scored and Kiermaier scored.119
8thCanha singled to right, Vierling scored and Keith scored.1111
9thVierling homered to left center (409 feet), Torkelson scored and Carpenter scored.1114
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